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Steam Cleaning - # 1 Recommended Method by Shaw Industries.

Our carpet cleaning steam process is second to none. First we start with an inspection of the carpet. This helps us determine wear, amount of soiling, and what any stains may consist of. We then pre-vacuum all the carpet including the edges. Now that the actual steam cleaning is ready to begin, the carpet is conditioned with a low residue cleaning compound, and then agitated to help break down the soil in the fibres. We move and protect most furniture from the area being cleaned.

Our technicians then extract the preconditioner from the carpet with steam using a powerful vacuum in the truck mounted unit. A rinse agent is added to the steam to neutralize the preconditioner which ensures your carpet is left soft and free of residue and soil.

Our equipment is state of the art. There is very little water left behind in your carpet when we are finished. The steam comes out at a temperature of about 200 degrees with 350 psi to give you a very deep clean. The vacuum is so strong that it recovers about 90% to 95% of the water depending on the carpet. This result is a quick drying time, usually in less than 6 hours, and a great looking carpet.


There are a wide variety of pre-sprays. We only use certified professional products low in lvc (low volatile compounds). Many people prefer an all natural 100% bio degradable cleaner to be used. We are proud to offer these products. We understand that the health of your family is your number one priority. It's ours too, and it's good for the environment!

Low Moisture (Dry) Carpet Cleaning

We do offer other methods of cleaning as well. The low moisture method we use is encapsulation. The method uses a unique crystallizing polymer technology which enables encapsulated soil to be extracted from the carpet with subsequent post-vacuumings. The crystallized detergent residue cannot attract soil so resoiling is minimized. The solution is applied with a machine designed to agitate the fibres in order to break down the soil. Drying time is approximately 1-2 hours.

Commercial Portable Steam Unit

In situations where a truck mounted unit cannot be used, such as high-rise condos or apartments or where accessibility is difficult, we bring commercial portable cleaning equipment to ensure we get the job done right. These portables use a steam extraction method with the same amount of water pressure as with a truck mounted unit. The units also have two strong vacuums to remove soil and moisture. Your carpet will receive the deepest clean possible with a drying time of 6 to 10 hours.

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